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PART I (Our DC Powered Low Voltage Equipment)

The Electricity that gets to our homes, is a very High Intensity (Amperage) that could burnt you and convert our bodies to a piece of smoking charcoal in a matter of seconds…
¿Do We need that much power?
No We do Not…
Must ( and I mean a very high percentage) of our Home Appliances work with minimal voltage-amperage consumption…Therefore, it is required that all of them come with “Buck (Reducer) Power Sources” built within, Downgrade Converters that reduce those enormous amount of unnecessary power from our walls to levels where the equipment could work “safely”…The problem is that in order to reduce that huge Energy, enormous amounts of unnecessary heat should be dissipated through Heat Sinks or cooled through built in Fans… at our Pockets Expen$e$…
Every time we turn on a PC, a big screen LCD TV, a Stereo system, a DVR…a Fluorescent Lamp or a Transformer low voltage lamps, Alarm Systems, Surveillance Video Equipment, etc,etc…Energy is spent in the thousands of Kilowatts in Heat dissipation by their Transformers-Downgrade Equipment built in…We pay for that stupid waste of Energy everyday…
Not even the Highest consumption-High Voltage Equipment in our homes require that much power, like the A/C, Heater, Electric Stove and Washer Dryer…in order to perform properly…

PART II (Our A/C Powered High Voltage Equipment)

All the Heavy Equipment that we buy in a local store…like a Central or Portable Air Conditioner, an Electric Washer-Dryer, a Range-Stove, a Heater Tank, etc,etc…is built in order to require a dual “live” wire and a neutral one…meaning 240 Volts (Tri-Phase Current) and double the Amperage of 120V/30A…
Do we need that much power to “Run” this appliances?
The answer is a definite NO WE DON’T…
There are many Patents out there that “PULSES” an specific type of High Peak and very short frequencies (Short Pulsed Width) with very low Input requirements, that could run all this equipment at very low Voltages/Amperage…But this Patents have been seized or bought out by big Corporations, even though they are many still available to be built from scratch at very low costs.


Power Plants release Thousands of Volts (V) and Amperes (I) every cycle of 60 Hertz/Second (50 Hz in Europe and other Countries)…These two parameters (Volts-Amps) leads to a more common one…Watts, which is also called “Power” and results from (V. I). This Massive Energy Power production is sent through extremely huge conductors to Distribution Centers, where it is branched out to specific Zoning Mid-Way Locations. Whenever the distance is too long, there is a need to Amplify this parameters through Mega Transformers (Another Massive Waste of Energy)…Due to the very High Resistance (R) increased by the length of the wires… If you take a closer look at this Facilities..will notice the massive Porcelain Insulators and the Huge Boxes surrounded by Aluminum Heat Sink Fins…Those are the Amplification Transformers.
This crazy race of huge amounts of electrons traveling through conductors had to be “reduced” when closer to the destination areas (Towns or Cities to be energized)…Through then… Reducing Transformers…another form of more waste of Energy…in order that our Home Equipment will not “blow out”…
This is all done in order to keep Us slaves and dependable of a Power Grid Network…To be always “hooked on” and, of course, to be paid for every month.
Where all this Trillion$ go every month?
This huge “Income” satisfies primarily, the Oil Corporations that supply the “juices” to keep this enormous Power Plants producing Electricity…The rest satisfies the Infrastructure to keep expanding into further zoning.. along with the maintenance required to keep this Heat Dissipation High Temperatures Equipment running…even though they explode like Fire Crackers or Bombs…whenever the System Overloads…A very “Typical and Common” scenario, known to all of Us. Where we could get an Outage for hours or maybe days. And…watch out when they finally get the power restored, because must of our “Sensitive and Expensive Equipment” will blow out, due to the extremely High Peaks of the coming Huge Sinusoidal Waves, yes, they get burnt to ashes…
However, some “generous” Power Companies “SELL US”??!! an Insurance to cover for any damaged equipment??…yes, exactly like that…We have to “PAY” for what they brake!!…This is not the worst part though…The Insurance “Coverage” will pay according to the Manufactured Date of the Equipment…and would apply a “Depreciation” deduction of the total value…??!!

Incredible …but real!!


The main ancient laws from the 1800’s, that oppose to a Free Energy Device or to a Motion Perpetual Machine, bases its fundamentals in the need to release or absorb Heat in order to “Transform” or “Convert” Energy Processes. And it would be very obvious to any person, that if we get “Heat Losses” during this processes …there would never be, not even an “Equal” output at the other end of the equation…The Laws are Titled under “First and Second Laws of Thermo-Dynamics, where Thermos (Greek word) means Heat. A Free Energy Device is considered whenever the Output is bigger than Input, and it is obvious that releasing heat this results would never occur, very simple fact.
So, what if, we get a System, where no heat at all needs to be dissipated or released in order to Transform or Convert Energy?
Would this ancient laws apply then?
The Answer is a definite NO!!
Heat release in current and electricity depends basically of Resistance (R)
Which is the opposition to the electronic flow across a conductor, R  increases due to the length and also the diameter (Cross Section or Gage). The bigger the cross section and the shorter the distance,results in low values of R.
This basics fundamentals we all learned in Engineering Schools, However, not only R is the cause of Electrical Heating, but relays directly proportional to the AMOUNTS of POWER we sent through those conductors per second.
Electrical Heat Losses are also produced by a constant collision of electrons in a given circuit, that could be a Motor, a Generator or any electronic or electrical circuit design.

Now that we know this basic principles, let’s go back to Our Power Energy Grid, and analyze it versus this concepts.
We will then realize that it is right there where “the deception lies”…

Of course that if we constantly send huge amounts of power [Watts (V.I)] ..Through thousand of miles of conducting wires, we will also have  enormous amounts of heat losses. Plus adding all the up and down processes through Transformers where also Heat dissipation is present, in order to arrive to their Destination points.
This is our Power Grid Network…Nothing more than a mega furnace of Heat Production 24/7…We pay very high prices for all this wasted energy and completely wrong methods to provide Energy…
However, every day Oil Industries get Mega Trillions, based on this obsolete and absurd methods.


A simpler, logical and economical method of Energy Supply would be one based on Single Generators per Consuming Locations. Other words, each house, each building, each Industry would have it’s own Isolated Generating System. No more cables of High Tension Voltages running back and forth.
And of course, this Free Energy Generators, not ran by a Gasoline, Diesel or Gas Prime Power Mover, otherwise, it is completely senseless…
Is this possible?…Yes it is, and completely real.
The problem is, that being able to build one of this Free Energy Machines, would require some heavy machinery, like MIG welding, Torch, Lathing, Hydraulic Pressing, Metal Fabrication, Wiring, Coils construction, Circuit design, building controllers and all the expertise to operate and Build them , however and unfortunately…in the end…
This beautiful machines would NOT run None of the “existing” equipment we have… Why?…because their design were meant to consume High Impact Power…
And here comes our biggest dilemma…Free Energy is real, it is possible, however is very fragile and weak, when comparing it to what we have ‘running’ out there, massive heat consuming devices and circuitry, that would devour thousands of Kilowatts per second… that would crash, collapse and burn every single electron produced by our Free Energy Device.
This gets Us back at the beginning…because it would be a Mega Job, to be able to “convert” every single Equipment and Appliance that we have, into a “cold” electricity consumer device…
This ‘conversion process’ requires not only high engineering expertise, but also an investment in parts and materials, where some of the existing equipment may had to be redesigned from scratch…
But the final question would be…
Is it possible to be achieved?
Yes it would be possible, but only if we, the knowledgeable in this fields get together to make a plan to go on and start making it a reality. Where we will create our own prototypes, test them, run them…and build one for our neighbor next door, for our friend, for our people…Create Forums where we will teach and explain in detail,  Upload videos and Plans and propagate this technology through our entire planet.
This is a “Job” that only We, the people, the 99 % could do without counting on the Oil Corporations or Big Banker Institutions, they would do nothing more than hide this real technology from our eyes…like they had been doing for more than two Centuries.



A new series of Technologies would be released in the beginning-middle of next year 2012, They are not simple at all, they are complicated, and it will not be seen in the open market and ready to be bought in our stores probably after a few years…or maybe never. However, they would be disclosed in its entirety through videos, 3D Animations, Engineering Plans, Web Sites Forums…Twitter, and here in FB…meaning…the works on broadcasting. Do not expect to see them on your local TV either..won’t happen.
However, I recommend to those Interested and who have no idea about Electricity, Electromagnetism, Electro-Dynamic Machines, Electronics and Electricity…to start right now making your own researches, your own studies, because expertise in this fields will be required, otherwise you will never understand them, therefore would not be able to even start building them.

This Technologies will allow you to build your own generator for your Home or business. Will allow you to convert your Vehicle to a Fully Independent, Self Recharging System, where no need to stop to recharge for ten hours or even three hours would be required…They would charge as you drive, and the more acceleration the more it will satisfy the Supply Bank (Batteries and Capacitors)

This Technologies (Patents) would NOT be for “Sale” to any individual or Institution-Corporation at all, do not care how many “Legal Tender Notes” you may have to offer, but please, do not attempt to buy this, simply, because it does not comes with a “Price Tag”…

The only form of “Negotiation” for interested Institutions or Corporations of the Related Industry, would be through Limited Legal Licensing, obtained to Produce them, where limitations provided through certain legal clauses will apply.

This Technologies Information (Patents) belongs to our Planet and they are completely Free to acquire where available. And to every one capable of making and constructing them.

Let’s get ready to welcome this New Era with the proper knowledge to become the ones who could make this Dream a reality!!